Tuesday, May 1, 2012

'This is the Place'

Last week we went to 'This is the Place' monument because i saw a sign telling people it is baby animal season.  Mom, Caroline, and Laney came and the first think we did was ride the train of course.  We got off at the second stop and had lunch. 

 There was a fire pit and the kids kept throwing little pieces of wood in and asked us to lite it. 

And off to the baby animals!!

The lamb was licking Henry's hand.  

Henry loved the chicks the best.  We saw them twice and had to drag him away.  He kept asking me to buy one so he could take it home.  

There were baby ducks too!!

And don't forget the Pony rides.

We went into a pen that had goats, a couple of pigs, ducks, and adolescent chickens.  Henry just wanted to pet the chickens but one didn't like that idea.

We all had fun and the weather was great.  Henry still talks of going back.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Loving Spring

Here they are the plants we started.  We meaning Henry and I.  Peas, zucchini's, basil, chives, parsley, wildflowers, and lavender.  The little one in the middle is a watermelon but Henry did that one by himself so who knows what will happen.  We are going to plant the peas this week if I can get the garden tilled.  I am so happy spring is here all the new life and green I love it!  

New Bike

Well new to Henry.  He loves riding and that is all he wants to do lately.  We are even looking for a bike for me so I can keep up with him.  If i walk he gets too far ahead.  

New Nephew

Look how adorable he is.  My brother Shane and mostly his wife had a wonderful baby boy on Thursday.  Sean William Booth is doing great.

I am so glad Uncle Nate was there to wrestle with Henry so I could hold the baby for a while.

Friday, April 20, 2012


We started Henry in T-ball this spring and he loves it.  I am so glad.  Its just the basics and everyone gets to run all the bases, but the kids had a blast.

Tulips, Tulips, Tulips

My tulips did amazing this year I just wanted to share.

My Boy

Henry decided to make a spider web for his stuffed pets and blanket to sleep in.  He used painting tape, string, scotch tape and yarn. 

Monkey bread for the monkey.

His imagination amazes me.  He has paper airplanes attached to rolled up paper attached to him.  So he can fly and have power boosts.